Auto Reload

A Great Budgeting Tool for Everyone!

Conveniently manage daily expenses with Auto Reload. This time-saving feature enables you to automatically add value to an Ozzie Bucks account, on your schedule.

Convenient – Set up Auto Reload online, anytime!

Easy – Just print and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Time-Saving – Once set up, value is automatically added on your schedule.

Instantly Available – Funds are available immediately.

Flexible – Change your Auto Reload settings online, anytime.

Free Service – No charge to use, compliments of the UNF Osprey 1Card Program!

We invite you to contact the Osprey 1Card Service Center with questions or comments.

Budget Chart

The table below lists typical semester expenditures for a student at the University of North Florida. Add value before returning to campus to be ready for the start of the semester.

Typical Semester Expenditures
Textbooks & Supplies* $500
Meals/Snacks* $1200
Copy & Print Services $100
Laundry $150
Total $1950

The budgeting chart is only a guide. Choose the depositing level that is right for you and your family.

*Incremental to meal plan.
Minimum add value is $20 for debit/credit card.

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