Guest User Accounts

Create a Create a Guest-user Profile for a Family Member

To balance the need for cardholder privacy with the desire of many students and parents to have shared account access, the Osprey 1Card Program has created the "Guest User" feature. Cardholders select the level of guest account access privileges by choosing one, two or all three of the following:

Add Value & Manage Payment Methods – Guests can store a credit/debit card in the secure account center to make it easier to add value or create an Auto Reload to automatically transfer funds to a Ozzie Bucks account on a pre-determined schedule.

View Account Balances – Guests can see available balance.

View Account Transaction Activity – Guests can see transaction activity. To set up a Guest User, cardholders must first register their own Ozzie Bucks account. Instructions on how to register can be found at Registration Instructions.

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Learn more about how to register your Ozzie Bucks account.

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